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Khalfani Salisu

September 15, 2016

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“It took less than a week for them to give me samples. They were prompt and did not hesitate to accommodate my specifications of what I wanted. The logos looked so good, I honestly asked if they would give me all. Unfortunately I was told only 2 were allowed to be chosen for the amount I paid. After consulting many people it turned out, that thought each liked 1-3 of the logos, one logo was common in each and every selection. I’ve gone with that logo, and I am loving it. The second logo, I also liked, but the designer assigned to me unknowingly made a logo that closely resembled a big website. Luckily it was caught, and they revised their logos. Only word of advice is to check to see if your logo looks similar to anything else, as you want your logo to be unique. These guys were awesome, polite, fast, and give high quality service.”



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