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Reachlite – Public Cloud Pricing

April 20, 2018

Reachlite – Public Cloud infractructure is owned and operated by us. You will easily scale you business because infrastructure costs are spread across all customers, thus allowing each individual client to operate on a low-cost, “pay-as-you-go” model. This model will provide you with seamless, on-demand scalability. All customers on public clouds share the same infrastructure pool with different configurations, security protections and availability variances. Reachlite Cloud comes with a number of comprehensive pricing plans. Starting with a free evaluation plan you can add more asset, submission, and storage space according to you or your organization’s needs. Please review the plan options below.
Reachlite Cloud product offering includes:

Comprehensive pricing plans
Ability to build and manage a number of fully featured apps like forms, surveys, questionners or reports
Native Mobile Access
Data Integration Capabilities
Unlimited usage of API
Support for major PC, Mac and Mobile browsers
Hosting on our servers, reducing IT cost
No up-front investment
Secure 24/7 monitoring
Daily backup

Available storage is used to hold assets, submissions, and files uploaded through the Reachlite Site and Services. It is calculated across file system and database based on your space usage. The maximum size of file attachments that can be uploaded is 10MB.



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