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From - Mexican actress and singer, Sandra Echeverria, talks about using the word "No" as a trigger for courage, and knowing that your moment will come....
During a visit to Stowe, Vermont, in 1967, Morgan Freeman and two friends set out to go horseback riding, but they ended up sailing all day instead. Watch as he describes his first experience as a skipper and why he was hooked after his first day at sea....
"If You Will Change, Everything Will Change. To Have More, You Simply Have To Become More. Don't Wish It Were Easier, Wish You Were Better. Don't Wish For Less Problems, Wish For More Skills." ~Jim Rohn ...
As citizens of the digital world, we are constantly flooded with data. From website analytics to our fitness tracker, data is all around us. As a result, for the front-end designers it is becoming increasingly difficult to present data in a way that stands out from other data sources that are compet...
Since 2014, Google has been redesigning its apps and services according to its own Material Design principles. Yesterday it announced on its design blog that an upcoming release of its Chrome browser (version 49.2) will adopt Material Design as its default rendering.Critically the new version of...



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