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David Mills

April 18, 2016

Born and raised in Toronto, Ontario, David is CEO and President at SLIM Enterprises where he consults with various organizations and community members.

As the Canadian partner for the June Spring Group, David spent 16 years in the financial and software industries. Since 1996 he has developed a comprehensive background in multi-project and customer service management. He united with the best strategists in solidifying many corporate visions in an increasingly competitive arena.

David served as a member of the management team at Dundee Securities Account Transfers from 2005-2009. His expertise is in rapid development methodologies, project estimation, software construction practices, performance tuning, system integration, and third-party contract management.

Visionary: David founded SLIM Enterprises in 2008 and brother company JUSTAND in 2011.

To serve our growing client base, SLIM Enterprises partnered with June Spring Group in 2012 to redefine both brands and their respective websites, and enhance SLIM Enterprises’ corporate outlook to reach an international audience. David’s mission is to serve all communities and provide comprehensive consulting and investment services to help companies and consumers achieve rapid, sustained success in Canada and internationally.



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