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Offshore Employee Resourcing

April 27, 2016

SLIM Enterprises will create a specific recruiting profile for the staff you want based on your business goals and needs. We will then recruit or choose from our existing employees, pre-screen and interview candidates, ultimately presenting you with a short list of candidates for you to carry out a final round of interviews. There is no obligation on your part until we have found the perfect candidate.

Once you have selected your staff, we will organize office and infrastructure requirements, HR, orientation and training, while you manage their workflow. If required, we can also offer varying degrees of project management. Our goal is to see them functioning as seamlessly as the employees in your office.

Offshore employees are an excellent outsourcing option as they provide a simple starting point or additional support for integrating an offshore team into your existing business while still maintaining management control. It can be used to build up teams from one to hundreds.



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