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Traditional Voice Services

April 28, 2016



A centrally managed voice service featuring customized dialing plans with 24/7 technical support.

Provides the full functionality of a scalable telephone network and a wide range of features, without major capital investment.

Business line

High-quality, reliable phone service that can be used as a telephone, fax or modem connection

Customize your business line with a range of features to suit your business requirements.


Digital access between ISDN-compatible PBX (Private Branch Exchange) equipment on your premises and Bell’s public telephone network (PSTN)

Megalink is a imple, affordable way to move to efficient, flexible high-capacity digital switched access, supporting multiple voice and data applications and call management features.

Managed Infrastructure Service for Voice

Monitoring and management of your VoIP network infrastructure, including your IP-PBXs, voice gateways, messaging servers and IP applications

Provides optimum voice quality, network reliability and uptime guarantees, along with predictable costs.

Long Distance

Flexible calling plans for your inbound and outbound calling

A wide range of features lets you enhance your customer experience and manage costs.



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