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Data Centre Services

April 28, 2016


Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS)

Access to systems and computing power on demand and helps large organizations bring down their capital and IT support costs

. Control over your computing resources through an easy-to-use portal
. Minimal capital expenses and the flexibility of pay-per-use billing

Virtual Data Centre

A fully managed, virtual infrastructure in our secure data centre that is highly scalable to meet your needs

A virtual data centre is a highly secure, scalable and dependable alternative to traditional servers, computing with best-in-class hardware and storage infrastructure.

Managed Hosting

Proactive management of your servers, bandwidth, backups and security

We handle all day-to-day management and IT-related operations

Co-location Hosting

Space, power and cooling to house your equipment in our highly available data centres

. Better management of power and cooling
. Connectivity to Canada’s most advanced fibre optics network

Cloud Mail

Email, instant messaging, presence, web conferencing and a team workspace in the cloud

.Easy connect ion with colleagues and clients from any PC, smartphone or tablet
.Secure, scalable, affordable and always up-to-date
.Subscription-based, with predictable monthly costs



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