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WeTransfer reveals new brand identify and UI

November 23, 2016

WeTransfer is one of the mostly widely admired start-ups of the last decade. In many ways it embodies what we tell our clients to aspire to: a simple idea, solving a common problem, well executed.

What really makes WeTransfer standout is the high-value it places on design; since its launch in 2009, WeTransfer has used design to add interest to what is typically a mundane process: transferring files from one computer to another.

WeTransfer has just further refined that use of design to retain interest, with a full brand and user interface refresh.

Designed in-house, in collaboration with Bold Monday, the new logo is friendlier—it almost smiles at you—and more refined, retaining its character at very small sizes.

Brand colors and typography have also been refreshed. And to match the brand overhaul, the site’s UI has been simplified, with a more usable upload form—the main interface users spend time with.

The company has also dropped the word “transfer” from its branding, suggesting that it may branch out into expanded services in the near future.

WeTransfer’s use of design was already very successful, this excellent refinement acknowledges the brand’s heritage, without being beholden to it.


Ben Moss is a designer based in Brighton, UK. He’s produced work for abbreviations including IBM, UBS, and the FBI. He runs marathons in his spare time. Say hi @BenjieMoss. More articles by Ben Moss

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