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Vivaldi 1.4 delivers theme scheduling

September 9, 2016

Hot on the heels of the latest Vivaldi release, the freeware web browser unveils another round of updates to improve the user experience even further. Taking control seems to be the theme of Vivaldi version 1.4, which is characterized by theme scheduling for more flexibility and improvements to its web-panels feature for more depth.

In a recent press release, the company reveals another evolution in the series of Vivaldi updates for this year. If you’ve ever wanted your browser to fit your mood as it changes throughout the day, then 1.4 is the browser for you. In what’s a first for browsers, 1.4 lets users customize their themes whenever the fancy strikes them. Other browsers may allow users to change their themes, but 1.4 helps users to actually set their favorite themes to their preferred times throughout the day.

Users simply have to enable a theme in Vivaldi’s Settings and then configure its scheduling. The theme scheduling puts an emphasis on total customizability, as they have the chance to switch out their theme of choice numerous times in a 24-hour period.

Users can customize their preferred theme according to their schedule. For example, do they want to see a new theme when they depart for work, but then see another theme by the time they arrive at their office? If so, 1.4 makes this flexibility a cinch, so their themes can change automatically as their schedules change throughout the day.

Here’s a helpful and clever animated explainer video from Vivaldi, showing you in a nutshell how this theme scheduling works over the course of your average day.