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Visual Identity for an Illustrator Mateja Kovač by…

January 3, 2017

Visual Identity for an Illustrator Mateja Kovač by Mireldy 

“Mateja asked us to create a new visual identity and design for the promotional materials of her brand. We found inspiration for her new visual identity in her gestural strokes and the playful color palette which Mateja uses as a starting point in her creative work. With that we emphasize spontaneity and lightness, as well as refined taste in colors and shapes, by which the illustrator attracts us into her intimate world influenced by simple, day-to-day moments.”

Mireldy are Imelda Ramović and Mirel Hadžijusufović – Zagreb-based art directors, designers and illustrators who have been creating together in fields of advertising, art and culture, music and fashion industry for over 10 years. They enjoy developing creative concepts, packaging, brands, but also to creatively express themselves in different areas of work and life.

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