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Telecom and Its Transformation

March 12, 2014

Telecome-and-its-TransformationTelecom businesses around the world are in a state of change. Today’s Telco services are quickly being commoditized, operators will challenge and differentiate themselves with their new services and packages, and supported with new business models.

Though this strategy is tough to perform but Telecom operators opt to pursue because it can help increase customer loyalty and it will drive progress in a tough competitive market. In redefining their market plans, telecom operators regularly need to experience several business and technical transformations to empower the implementation of new business models including the supporting billing method.

Indeed, transformation has turned into a standard, continuous activity for communications service providers, whether big or small. Experts assess that 25% of these providers (CSP’s) undergo some type of system transformation at a certain point in time ranging from small transformations to big and massive transformations that will impact the whole company.

A transformation may include the presentation of a new billing system, a change of price plans, introduction of a new customer relationship management (CRM) system, or a shift to a new network or operations support system.

Overcoming Risks of Transformation

A transformation will require many of the company’s resources to cooperate. It will affect several if not many of the existing systems and processes.

To diminish the risk, a CSP must do exhaustive checks at numerous distinctive levels. The most ideal approach is to model and closely monitor the effect of the implemented transformation in a documented and systematic manner. These assurance checks will ensure continuous and smooth business operations.

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