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Space Mono (Specimen) by Colophon “To coincide with the…

November 16, 2016

Space Mono (Specimen) by Colophon

“To coincide with the re-launch of Google Fonts, we collaborated closely with Google to produce this specimen book on the Space Mono family. Printed in 5 colours, it documents the process of creation of the Space Mono typeface through an essay and various illustrations. Not available for purchase.”

Colophon is an international, award-winning type foundry based in London (UK) and Los Angeles (US). They create, publish, and distribute high-quality retail and custom typefaces for analog and digital media. Since 2009, Colophon has tasked itself with producing fonts that are composed with aesthetic and technological care, prompting a reputable library of new classics that couple typographic history with contemporary sensibilities.

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