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SIP Trunking – Choosing the Best Service Providers

December 27, 2016

With the many benefits of SIP trunking many business owners are swapping their conventional telephone trunk line for one. However it is still imperative that you choose a good provider like in any service that you acquire. The technology itself might be flawless but still the deployment differs from a service provider to another so never jump into purchasing one without doing your homework.

Know the technology – The first thing you need to do is be knowledgeable about the technology of SIP trunking so you’ll know how it will work and how it can benefit your business. By knowing the technology you can also gauge the provider whether or not they are experienced in the field and they are worthy of entrusting your communication platform to them.

Shop around – As always it is best to shop around various SIP trunk providers, you can easily do this over the internet without actually heading from office to office. Pick the phone and never hesitate to ask questions. By shopping around you can also find the best deals and offers the industry has to offer for your company. Just remember to keep a list of the prices and charges for each provider you call up so can compare later on and decide wisely based on facts.

Know their servers – it is not enough that they tell you that they have numerous servers with failover back up, if they have it then they should be able to provide you facts and data in black and white. The distance is normally not an issue as long as you have a reliable internet connection.

Background check – It need not be extensive but you should check a service provider’s background by going into telecommunication forums and see what people think of that company, if you can’t find one directly pertaining to them then you can post questions in forums and blogs. Also be sure to choose a company that is experienced in the field, they should be at least doing it for more than a couple of years so technical flaws in their system had been addressed already.

Gauge their customer service – Since they are providing phone systems, it is a must for them to have a reliable and good customer service, it will also give you an idea how they handle troubleshooting if in case you face any difficulty.

Customized platform – since you will be swapping your traditional trunk line to VoIP the provider must allow you customize the system so you can enjoy the benefits of the technology in its full potential otherwise keep your traditional trunk lines.

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