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Simplifying Your Web Design

April 1, 2014

Untitled-4Simply designed websites with enhanced functionality is now becoming a trend. So create a simplistic website design with qualitative content by following these tips:

Keep it clean and stylish. Keep focused on the essentials. Make your contents clear. Get into the mindset of your visitors. Highlight the quality and relevant information so it appears easily visible and readable to the viewers.

Facilitate navigation. Simplifying your navigation enhances visitors experience and converts them into customers. Consider the placement of the navigation buttons

Stick to Pareto Rule. Display only 20% of site elements but deliver 80% of its usefulness. Don’t waste your efforts on showing all elements, only extract the 20% important elements which brings outs the 80% added value to your visitors.

Limit the color palette and text styling. Avoid using abundant colors which are confusingly combined. A simplified array of colors and fonts enables viewer’s better concentration on the content rather than get distracted by the shiny tints and fussy fonts.

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