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Several Ways to Keep Your House Cancer-Free

March 13, 2017

The outside environment is full of many chemicals and radicals that harm the health. Some of them can probably cause various types of cancer. Whilst inside the house, many of us think that we are already safe from these elements. But this mentality is wrong. Unknown to us, our homes can still be plenty of cancer-bringing materials. So here are some tips to at least make our homes free of them.

  • Try to DIY household cleaning materials.

Despite being busy with work and other household chores, it may be helpful to spare some time to make your own household cleaning materials. Usual raw ingredients include vinegar, baking soda, lemon juice, and tea tree oil. The processes to make them into dishwashing liquids and other forms of cleansers are all over the internet. There are even instructional materials on how to make them.

By making your own cleaning materials, you are actually eliminating the usual toxins and chemicals that are available in the commercial forms.

  • Free your household air.

It maybe time to liberate the household air of many harmful elements and household pollutants. But please spare yourself (and your family) from air cleaners and sprays – the canned versions. Many of them are full of ingredients that are linked to certain cancers like breast and lung cancer. Instead, revert to old ways of freshening household air through plants, and natural potpourri bowls.

  • Ban your house from products containing parabens and oxybenzones.

Parabens and oxybenzones are commonly found in many beauty care products including those which you apply on your face. According to studies, nearly 100000 chemicals included in such beauty products have not yet undergone complete testing to declare them completely safe from human use. Why risk your own health and your family’s health when you can naturally beautify your appearance?

Way back in ancient times, many plants were used for self-beautification. For instance, aloe vera was used to maintain the natural shine of women’s hair. Theirs were straight, shiny, and beautiful at that time. Topical skin lotions they used were also made from fruits and vegetables like avocado. You see, there are plenty of fruits, vegetables, and plants which you can either boil and extract to help you in your beauty regimen.

  • Leave pollutants and dirt outside your house.

You can’t avoid to go out of the house because of work and other things that you need to do outside. During those times, you gather pollutants and other chemicals that may become mainstays of your house. It would be helpful if you’ll leave your shoes and other footwear outside. At least keep them in racks for organization. This way, you are lessening the dirt you’ll be bringing inside.

How about your clothes? If your house structure permits, why not make an outdoor bath room or wash room where you can at least take a quick splash and change clothes.

Your house is a temple. It is a sanctuary that should be generally safe for you and your family.

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