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Server Monitoring and Maintenance Benefits Your Business Website

April 18, 2017

Are you planning to change your website into a great website, then it is necessary that your visitors must experience less of 404 page error! How do you feel when you eagerly expect to see some information online and you find that you land up in a page that has the 404 error page staring right at your face. It is indeed disappointing. And it is even more disappointing if your visitors have to see the same message in your website pages. So, what is the need of the hour? To fix the problem so that the incidence of downtime in any form can be minimized as much as possible. This is achieved by regular server monitoring and maintenance.

Remember, your server must be up and kicking so that it can deliver its best. And for that you must pay attention to the server always.

What is server monitoring and maintenance all about?

Server monitoring and maintenance is good for your software as well as hardware applications. Regardless of whether you are checking the health of your server on a weekly or a monthly basis, you can incorporate few tasks in your routine server checks. What are these tasks? Let us find out.

Watch out for events, review servers, and identify any error. You can do this everyday and it is least time consuming. Server checking tools are available (you can try out the ones that have been introduced by Microsoft) and with the help of these tools server monitoring and maintenance can be carried out.

One of the biggest disadvantages of the server not working properly is that it paralyzes your internet connectivity. And we know that for an online business, an internet connection is as important as the air we breathe!

Few of the server problems that you face and need urgent attention include cable faults or non-receipt of signals. However, these problems can be fixed in no time and such problems occur less if the servers are periodically tested.

Server monitoring and maintenance is usually carried out by your web hosting company. And now that the most of the high-end servers have a lot of disk space, the probability of a server crashing to a halt is greatly reduced. However, with regular check-ups, you can prevent your server from fumbling at times.

How will server monitoring and maintenance benefit your business online?

By maintaining your server and monitoring it regularly, you can get regular feedback from your clients regarding the quality and services of your website. This is true in case of real-time server monitoring.

Another important factor why you need to have a good uptime is that since you are dealing with clients online, you have to communicate with your clients through e-mail. Unless your internet connectivity is good, you give an impression to your client that you are unprofessional due to delay in mails. So, regular server monitoring and maintenance is of utmost importance.

How will server monitoring and maintenance affect your sales?

If your website experiences downtime, the chances of losing out on prospective customers are more. If a prospective buyer is not able to view your product due to downtime, he will probably bounce back from your site to another e-commerce website and search for the same product. So, you lose a potential client in the process.

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