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Refining Aston Villa’s club badge

April 12, 2016

Founded in 1874, Aston Villa is an English Premiership football club that, barring a miracle, will soon to be relegated to the Championship. Before the 2015/16 football season began, SomeOne was approached about updating the club’s visual identity. The studio then commissioned artist and engraver Christopher Wormell to redesign the heraldic lion from the badge, aiming to better reflect Villa’s heritage, history, and attitude.

Aston Villa lion sketch

“The updated badge focuses on an enlarged and dynamic lion — its ferocity depicted in detail, which on the badge will be shown through the stitching — whilst also retaining the star honouring the club’s European Cup win in 1982.”

Aston Villa lion engraving

Aston Villa lion engraving

Aston Villa lion

Aston Villa club badgeBefore (left) and after (right)

The lack of claws on the previous lion was something the club supporters mentioned in focus groups, and I’m sure most will approve of “PREPARED” being ditched from underneath. The word has history with the club, but it doesn’t represent a lion and isn’t particularly inspiring.

Aston Villa badge embroidery

Aston Villa badge embroidery

Aston Villa badge embroidery

Aston Villa club badge

Aston Villa lion

A definite improvement, with some expert craftsmanship for the engraving.

See other identity elements on the SomeOne website, and read a commentary from SomeOne’s Gary Holt on Creative Review: no, it didn’t cost £2million.

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