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Rainbows through the Smithsonian with 60 miles of thread

January 19, 2016

This stunning art installation is part of the ongoing Plexus series by Gabriel Dawe. Plexus literally means a network of nerves or blood vessels in the body.

Plexus A1, Gabriel Dawe

The Mexican artist used almost 60 miles of thread in more than 15 hues to create the intricate prisms of colour.

Plexus A1, Gabriel Dawe

“The thread is so thin, that when it is used in such a large scale it kind of disappears, which is why these installations sometimes look so ethereal. It plays with perceptions and it can even mess with your sight, because your eyes don’t know where to focus; it is very much like op art in this sense. Despite being static objects, they move as soon as you start moving. This is what is most challenging to capture in the documentation of the pieces, because you cannot capture that with the camera. You can have great photos, but they will never fully give you the experience of seeing them in person.”

Plexus A1, Gabriel Dawe

Plexus A1, Gabriel Dawe

The Dallas-based artist trained and worked as a graphic designer for about 10 years, but through exploration and experimentation he turned to textiles and embroidery.

The following video gives a glimpse of how an earlier piece from the Plexus series was installed.