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President Who? Play The Trump Card If You Will

September 5, 2017

You’re campaigning for what?

The question was legitimate. My best friend is on the other end of the phone telling me he wants to campaign for a US Senate position, and I’m disbelieving him. This man has never been on a campaign trail in his life, and I’m guessing even after the phone call he isn’t going on this one, but… he’s talking to the right person.

I nod through the phone call and give him the standard, “Okay, yeah, you can do this… We can win it. But nobody knows who you are. We’ll have to make you known and give you name recognition between now and then.”

And the plan begins to swirl before my eyes. I know, beyond any shadow of doubt that I can make this happen. It won’t be my first campaign, and I know him inside out. I know what makes him tick. I know his friends. I even know how he makes friends. And that scared me. A lot.

Let’s start with Social Media. You’re not on it. But you will be. Social Media is the Trump Card of Marketing. I explained that social media was the way he was going to become an Internet SuperStar with an appeal that he’d never had opportunity to create before. But he would now. (Then he wanted to know if he’d be meeting any great women. I told him, no.)

Social Media Tools. We hooked him up with accounts in Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and three others I know he’ll mostly forget about. He now has a blog – yeah, I know exactly who will be writing those blog posts (he’s paying me well). He’ll soon be a card carrying blogger. HA.

Social Media Podcasts came up. I told him at least once a week, he needs to take a walk somewhere with a scenic background and podcast his thoughts as he walks. Then we talked about a weekly podcast on the ‘issues’ and he decided that would be a good project. That’s when he asked if he could talk about President Trump. President who?

Social Media Marketing is the Trump Card of Internet Positioning

As we sat there going over his strategies for marketing on social media:

  • 5 – 7 tweets a week after 2 PM
  • 3 Facebook posts each day, one after 4 PM
  • 3 blog posts each week – all sent to social media
  • 1 LinkedIn article with daily comments
  • Responses to other people’s discussions

He asked how I thought any of that would make him famous, and if there was any other way. That’s when I reminded him that he was trying to be famous, not infamous, and he needed to let me handle the keywords.

The thing is, whether you’re running for political office or not, your social media campaign can make you the presidential brand for whatever your business may be.

Everyone should play their trump card now and then, just to let the world know they exist.

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