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Packaging for Uppers & Downers by Marx“Balance is a tenet of…

January 16, 2017

Packaging for Uppers & Downers by Marx

“Balance is a tenet of good graphic design, but life with its ups and downs is a bit of a balancing act too. We decided to visually represent this idea in our new promo gift. With a cheeky nod to the pharmaceutical industry, we developed a selection of pill-like balancing aids. Our “uppers” provide a quick jolt of sugar to the system, sure to improve anyone’s mood. No normal person in their right mind likes black jellybeans, so they were the perfect ingredient for our frown-inducing “downers”. And for the already well-balanced individual, we have our patented “middlers” that have no affect whatsoever. They’re just plain old mints.”

Marx’s approach to graphic design is less traditional and more modern & crafted. They consider strategic thinking and a great idea to be the key to brand success, and is fundamental to everything they do. They help clients identify the best way forward, by applying insightful and robust dialogue and thinking at the outset. The result is a focused brief, providing the basis for a swift and appropriate design solution.

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