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Packaging for Thomas Dakin Gin by Here.“Our task was to…

January 8, 2017

Packaging for Thomas Dakin Gin by Here.

“Our task was to communicate the masculine, straight-talking nature of Thomas Dakin, in stark contrast to the affected style of much southern-oriented gin drinking, whilst elevating the processes and unique botanicals used in the 250 year old recipe. To do this we designed a tall, partly embossed red label, with an abundance of messaging and a variety of typefaces, and set it against a gun-metal grey glass bottle, that refers to square apothecary vessels of the eighteenth century.”

Here. designs everything from brands to bars to bakeries, from books to bottles to boxes. And a lot more besides. As designers they always build from the roots up. Their process is simple: understand and define a clear vision for the project; explore the visual and verbal roots of the idea; translate these roots into an authentic cultural experience. 

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