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Packaging for {tabel} by Nosigner“We designed packages for…

July 3, 2017

Packaging for {tabel} by Nosigner

Packaging for {tabel} by Nosigner

Packaging for {tabel} by Nosigner

Packaging for {tabel} by Nosigner

Packaging for {tabel} by Nosigner

“We designed packages for {tabel}, a brand to introduce Japanese original herbs and wisdom of living. The package is illustrated with each distinctive color (pink, greenish yellow and blue) and picture of each herb like a plant specimen, which delivers you an image of smart/professional research on herbs. Each color gives us a typical image. It will visually tell its effect-efficacy without words and help you to choose which herb is good for your current condition/feeling by intuition. Refurbishing the out-dated image towards traditional herbs, the package expresses its brand concept like “authentic Japanese wild herbals,” “wisdom of living,” and “organic.”

NOSIGNER is a design firm that identifies challenges in society and brings innovative solutions in return. Just as their name “NOSIGNER” stands for ‘professionals who design intangible things’, they work beyond conventional disciplines for a more holistic design. Through their works, they aim to create social innovation in various fields, including local industries, technology, education, sustainability, cultural exchange and open source design.

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