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Owning Your Personal Name Domain Name is a Must

October 29, 2017

It is imperative today for individuals to own their actual full name domain name for personal profile/ branding purposes. Today more and more companies are searching online before hiring a likely candidate.

Whether you are a aspiring executive, manager or politician or a established CEO, your name ‘Mr. John Q. Not So Public’ is extremely important. Imagine if a person with the same name as you were to commit a felony or some socially unacceptable act that ended up getting indexed on search engines under your name and then a potential client or recruiting firm Google’s you to see that news/ information come up first! It happens.

Many of my clients both small and large will not even hire a management level candidate prior to Googling that person. Depending on what is found or not found will go along way to their hiring decision.

I was recently amazed at how many fortune 500 CEO’s and executives did not own their domain names or even ascribed much importance to this. Well I can tell you the time of ignorance is coming to a end.

If you are Googled and you own your domain and actually have something there you will always come up first.

Whether you are an aspiring executive or a CEO on the verge of retirement your online profile will be there long after you.

For under $10.00 please take the 10 minutes to register your name (especially the .com) and any other important names to you. The security benfits will far out way any costs.

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