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Outline Of The Issues Facing a Personal Assistant Who Is In The Process Of Changing Jobs

May 20, 2017

Until 2011, I had been a Secretary in a small company. I reported to a Director of a division. The work culture was relatively friendly and relaxed. I worked in a Business Park in Northampton. My husband took a job in London and I decided to move to Hertfordshire, so that we could be closer to his new office. This change caused me to make a career change and I want to highlight to those who are making this decision that there are more than just material issues to consider.

I started to find the commute to Northampton too much and I was aware that I could increase my earning potential by moving jobs. At the time, I easily made the decision without considering all of the issues involved. I was totally won over by the opportunity to work in a large modern office and increase in my total package.

I started to circulate my CV and I started to get some interest. I decided to focus on financial services as I heard that the packages were much better. A large multinational financial institution invited me to interview with them.

I jumped at the chance to take this opportunity. I was shocked by the package that they offered me. My salary increased 100% from the pay that I was receiving before and I also got an impressive bonus opportunity. I signed and returned contract as fast as I could. At the time, I felt that there were no issues with taking the ‘better’ job.

However on my first day on the job, I arrived at the large glass building feeling nervous and excited. The workplace was so much more glamorous than I had ever thought. My desk was outside my boss’s office, which was a very well fitted area. However, one thing that I did notice is that not many people said hello or bothered welcoming me in the slightest. In fact, I felt that my neighbours were ignoring my arrival. Even when I went to get a drink in the kitchen, the other PAs were not friendly at all. This was my first glimpse of the problem with my career move. I was now working in a cold, unfriendly environment.

As time went on I realised that there was never going to be the warm friendly environment that I had experienced in my old office. Then I began to experience the next unpleasant aspect of my job, the other PAs were keen to demonstrate their prowess in their job by showing me up. This was not very nice when I first experienced it, but now I just am ready for anything and defend myself.

All in all, I am better off financially, but there are those days where I dread the cold, competitive environment that comes with the salary.

Nevertheless, my example proves that we can all greatly improve our salary and jobs if one is prepared to make sacrifices. However, the sacrifices go beyond moving house and commuting longer into a big city. They can also impact your social interaction and bring you into a stressful environment.

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