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New work: Tenon

July 18, 2017

I had the pleasure of working with Antonio Luna to create the logo for his Mexico-based company Tenon — a soon to launch online service that links third party transportation firms with customers who have items to ship (kind of like an Expedia for shipping).

The Tenon name is derived from the ideal fit of the tenon and mortise woodworking joint…

Tenon and mortise

…much like how the Tenon service joins a customer to a range of shipping quotes or the best freight carriers, or a package to its destination, door to door. So it made sense to incorporate the joint into the symbol, giving a subtle visual clue at the idea behind the name.

Tenon logo sketches

As usual, a lot of the ideas I sketched weren’t good enough. But I narrowed the focus and described the strongest options to Antonio for feedback.

Tenon logo sketches

One of the directions I liked was where the tenon doubled as a monogram.

Tenon symbol

But a shield-like idea was preferred, and a better suit for the protective trait of the brand (protecting each item that’s shipped through the portal).

Tenon symbol

Some context in the portfolio.

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