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Morion Typeface by The Designers FoundrySince the first draft of…

January 26, 2017

Morion Typeface by The Designers Foundry

Since the first draft of Morion Typeface in 2014, the aesthetic vision of Morion has remained true, but has undergone constant refinement and critique. From combining two diverse stylistic elements in type-design, wedge-shaped serifs and floral terminals Morion has a slightly playful, calligraphic look that remains balanced and controlled. 

While Morion may function best in decorative, larger applications; OpenType features like an alternative lower case ‘a’ increase legibility in smaller text sizes. To promote the release TDF created a two part physical goods capsule. The first item is a 12 page newspaper type specimen and  second part of the capsule is a very limited run of waterproof rain coats, hand screen printed in NZ. The rear print ‘GLOBAL’ references the international nature of The Designers Foundry and the team that worked on Morion.

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