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Meeting Themes – 19 Tips on How to Create an Effective Theme

February 8, 2017

Need to come up with an appealing, effective theme for your next meeting, conference, contest or other event? Your primary goal should be to carefully select a theme which will help to unify everyone’s focus and efforts. In fact, a well-chosen theme provides an umbrella concept, under which all related materials and activities are given heightened enthusiasm and effectiveness. Here are 19 tips to help you create that effective theme that will achieve what you want … and make you look good.

After you select your objective(s) and have a written agenda, you should begin to select and develop your over-riding theme.

Here are some tips for coming up with a meaningful, on-target theme, which can create a rallying cry for your objectives and goals:

  1. Review your meeting agenda to decide which theme best relates to your objective and will help to dramatize it.

  2. Consider your employees and what theme will appeal to them.

  3. Ask yourself: Will the theme appeal equally to men and to women?

  4. As yourself: Will new employees and veteran ones respond the same way to the theme?

  5. Is there anything seasonal you can tie in with? Valentines Day? The Winter Olympics? A NASCAR event? The Academy Awards? A popular TV series?

  6. Are there other themes, slogans and programs in our company or organization that our theme can tie in with?

  7. Keep your theme short so it’s stronger and more memorable.

  8. Ask yourself: Can we sustain this theme over time without people getting bored with it?

  9. Ask yourself: Can we have some fun with this theme idea?

  10. Ask yourself: Will our people buy into the theme and its intent?

  11. Be sensitive and don’t allow sexism, racism or other objectionable aspects to relate to your theme.

  12. Once you’ve selected your theme, review your agenda and see how your theme can tie in with it.

  13. Build every element around your theme. For instance: Ask your speakers to use language and references that relate to the theme.

  14. If possible, create a logo-look for your catchy theme. And produce hats, t-shirts, mugs, pens, screen savers, and other items that bear the theme.

  15. Use the theme/logo on all promotions and literature

  16. Use decorations if possible, whether simple posters or elaborate backdrops which can be purchased. Inexpensive decorations can go a long way — i.e., balloons, streamers, posters, banners.

  17. Use favors, prizes and giveaways that fit with your theme.

  18. If appropriate, add some theme-related entertainment to your meeting: e.g., skits, song parodies, role-playing, background mood music.

  19. Serve refreshments that carry out your theme.

In a nutshell, following these tips and suggestions should result in your creating an effective theme for your next meeting, conference, contest, event or occasion. You’ll end up with an effective theme that will achieve what you want … and make you look good.

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