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Mastercard simplified

July 18, 2016

MasterCard symbol

Mastercard, founded in 1966 as Master Charge, has one of the world’s most recognisable symbols, with the red and yellow overlapping circles in use since 1968. This month sees an identity change ditching the central stripes that were added to the symbol in 1990.

Mastercard logo evolutionClick for larger

Mastercard symbolPrevious

Mastercard symbolNew (identity by Michael Beirut & Luke Hayman of Pentagram)

In the thread on Creative Review Scott Carmichael commented, “Why didn’t they drop the overlapping circles and do something different? Why not change the color palette? Why go lowercase? So clichéd.”

Adam Mitchinson replied, “Probably because it’s a globally recognised symbol and it would make absolutely no sense to change it just to do ‘something different’. Rebranding isn’t about making things different, it’s about making things stronger and more fit for purpose based on sound business thinking.”


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