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Invitations for Alice & Jamie by Fredericus l'Ami“A…

January 5, 2017

Invitations for Alice & Jamie by Fredericus l’Ami

“A collection of tactile design pieces for the wedding of Alice Duckworth and renowned product & furniture designer Jamie McLellan. A playful set of icons gave guests some hint to what they could expect on the day, in addition to the invites and thank-you cards the icons were applied to menus, gift wrapping, place-cards and a flag.”

Fredericus l’Ami specialises in creating great brand identities and bringing them to life through seductive print collateral, packaging, & environmental design. He believes in meaningful tactile design experiences – giving people something to touch, hold & feel. Fredericus was born in Holland, raised in New Zealand and currently resides in Los Angeles. Known for his thoughtful & refined eye, he brings a European approach to his work.

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