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How to Trace a Phone Call – Is it Legal and Can I Do it Without Being Found Out?

December 18, 2017

Are you getting calls on your cell phone and you do not know them? Is someone calling you in the middle of the night? Are you disturbed by such calls? Do you want such calls to stop? If you answered YES to all the 4 questions do not panic as I am going to share with you how to end your ordeal. There are actually many ways to trace phone calls.

You can of course try to stop the calls yourself. Whenever you received a call with no name on your cell phone just answer normally and start a conversation. You may say out your name and ask who is calling. If there is no answer and you continue getting the calls you need to jot down the time of calls and the dates. Keep the daily log for three days and make a police report. The police will know what to do and the culprit will be apprehended in no time.

However if you do not want to involve the police you can get the professional services of a private detective. You may need to provide them with a daily journal of the calls. Some of the private detectives should be able to provide you with detailed information of the caller after one day. But you need to pay for their services which are not cheap.

The last and final solution for you is to do a reverse cell phone lookup. There are now many companies that provide such services. You mat opt for the free version or the paid version. The free service can only provide you with the address of the caller but not the name. For the paid facility full detailed information of the caller will be provided.

With such detailed information of the caller you can call back and just inform that you know who is calling and giving the detailed information. You can even say that the police have been informed and will arrest the caller if the prank calls are continued. With such a stand the caller will never again call on you.

The reverse call lookup is legal as long as it is not used for illegal purposes. That is the reason why you need to pay a small fee and also to give details of your credit card. You can use the facility without being found out by the caller. It is therefore private and confidential.

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