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How to Personalize Each Call Center Call

January 2, 2017

Here’s a quick tip to make your call center customers feel at ease on the first few minutes of the call:

Personalize the call by using their names.

Is it easy to do? You bet. Check my tips below on how to personalize the call:

* If you already have a system (computer application that you are using when taking calls), check if the database already has the customer information ready to use on that call. There are some systems that already upload the information on the database as soon as the phone rings. So use it to your advantage.

* If the information isn’t there yet (and if you are required to build the customer’s profile on your database) then go with the spiel (usually given during the call center training or quality assurance meetings ) that you are provided to get the customer’s name.

* Just ask by saying, “May I have your name?” instead of “May I know your name?” The former will generate more appropriate response by giving their names right away, while customers will usually reply with the answer “No” should you opt to use the latter.

* Politely ask them to spell their name for you should you have a challenge in understanding their names. And make sure to listen very carefully so as not to ask the same information again.

* Quickly explain the benefit of letting them spell their names for you. You can tell them that you are doing this to make sure that you will save the right information on your end. And they will love you for that.

* Ask them on how they say their names for those somewhat confusing ones. You wouldn’t want to say DOGLAS to call your customer with the name of DOUGLAS, right? See, pronunciation is still a key in this area.

* Use Ma’am and Sir to your discretion. Using these names repeatedly will surely make your customer feel awkward about your conversation that can also lead them to become irate eventually.

Aside from observing all these things just to quickly personalize the call, nothing beats the fact that honesty, sincerity and politeness will definitely be equal to a great call experience. Add a dash of humor (if necessary, or if the customer initiated it) and you are on your way to become a call center superstar.

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