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How to Deal With Unsatisfied Customers?

November 21, 2016

A few weeks ago, we discussed what it meant for you to be a support provider to your customers.

As a business owner, you want your customers to walk away pleased with the service they received and cultivate a relationship with them. However, not all customers are the easiest to get along with. So what do you do when you have a high maintenance customer?

The first step to handling a potentially bad situation is to understand whom you are dealing with. Is this a customer that just needs a little more hand holding and guidance? One that just had different expectations of the service that you provided? One that would be willing to go into conflict with you?

In this article, we will discuss the latter two.

Does your customer expect more than you thought you stated?

Problems may arise because you may have talked about everything that you could offer but did not factor that into the quoted price or because the customer assumed additional services would be provided.

You want to ensure that your customer is satisfied but at some point, you may feel that the amount of support that you are providing is not worth the time or money that you are getting paid.

So what can you do?

The most important step here is to tell the customer that while you are happy to provide them with any help that they need, there may be a charge.

When you bring this up, remember that the point is not to drive away the customer. You want to build a relationship with them. So think about the services that you can or are able to provide for free and those that you cannot.

For example, maybe the first two changes will be done for free but after that, if they are still not satisfied, there will be a cost. This is a good balance of good after-purchase customer service without you foregoing additional profit.

The only way to avoid this conversation once the customer starts asking more requests is to clearly define the after-purchase service procedure in the beginning.

Another issue may be that your customer is just unsatisfied with the results.

While the job you did may have been to the best of your ability or what you thought they wanted, it may not align with the results they expected.

If a customer reaches out to you, consider yourself lucky. In today’s day and age, one social media has the power to significantly impact your company’s reputation, one you have worked so hard to build.

Therefore, be patient and help them. See what they want and what you can do to help the problem. Not everything they want may be reasonable but try to reach a middle ground.

Again, the best way to deal with unsatisfied customers is to be proactive and prevent a situation from arising. Before you take the job or the project, talk to them about what they want and see if it is in fact something that you can do- it is better to pass on a job than do one poorly.

If this is a constant issue or you find yourself facing many complaints, consider hiring a business coach. S/he can work with you to develop your communication skills and help you relay your thoughts to the customer in a more clear manner.

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