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Full Identity Design for Manassé by Menta.“Manassé is a…

November 20, 2016

Full Identity Design for Manassé by Menta.

“Manassé is a French—African inspired Pâtisserie and Boulangerie, located in Guadalajara, México, that offers delicious croissants, baguettes, éclairs, macarons, and a wide assortment of exquisite french pastries. Menta designed the full identity inspired by the color palettes and the spirit of the Parisian Pâtisseries of Le Marais neighbourhood to be specific, and fused them with traditional patterns from Benin, the owner’s home country.”

Menta is an independent branding & illustration studio founded by Laura Méndez, in 2008. They believe in the Simplicity of Allure, to deliver effective
brand identities that balance classic & contemporary aesthetics, through research and clear concept definition. Their work builds meaningful human connections and stirs up beautiful experiences. 

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