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FTP File Transfer is an Efficient Way to Share Information

November 17, 2017

Most organizations have an abundant amount of documentation that is required for them to function. Whether one is dealing with a business, or a club, or a membership organization, there often comes a time where a document needs to be shared with someone else. Whether we are talking about sales reports or club meeting notes, these documents may be needed in as short a period of time as is possible. Most people and organizations have access to the internet and, if so, they can utilize FTP file transfer to achieve this goal.

FTP file transfer allows for the access of files from various locations on the internet. Functionally, the person interested in downloading the file accesses the file on a remote server. Then, the file transfer protocol (FTP) is used to download the file. FTP is one of the original (along with HTTP) protocols or formats of the internet. Over the years, it has been improved both in efficiency and security. There are various means of accessing the file. Basically, one would need to enter their user name and password to access the folder or drive the file is on. Then, by either using a stand alone FTP client or a browser based plugin (Firefox has a few) the file is downloaded.

There is one significant problem with FTP file transfer; it requires a server. While many businesses and organizations have servers, they may not want to allow internet access for security reasons. Also, the reliability of the server might be in question. Both are valid reasons for not using a private server. Because one never knows when the file will be accessed, the file server will need to be on all the time – another reason businesses may not want to provide their own FTP server. For this reason, there are companies which specialize in providing FTP services for their clients.

Perhaps you feel your company or organization could effectively utilize FTP. After all, sending large files via email is tedious and they may not make it through due to file size limitations. If this is the case, setting up a FTP server is not difficult. However, if you are not technically adept enough, you do not want to have to pay for a technical service call, or you are concerned about some of the reasons discussed earlier, there are a number of companies which provide this service.

When looking for a company that specializes in FTP file transfer, there are a number of different things one wants to take into consideration. First, check to see if there are and reviews of their service available online. Also, you will want to inquire into their up versus down time ratio. One would not want to pay for a service that does not ensure your files will be available when you want them to be. Also, examine costs and storage limitations. Is there a limit to how long files can remain on their servers? Security is always an important factor so find out what is required to access files and whether SFTP (secure FTP) is available. If you are on the fence about one service or another, see if they offer trial offers where you can put their service through its paces. Kick the tires and you will most likely find a service you are happy with.

If you find yourself, your business, or organization in need of a means of transferring files easily over the internet, FTP file transfer is the way to do it. Fortunately for the less technologically inclined of us, there are services which will handle all of the heavy lifting. All that will be left to be done is upload files and grant users access. Once you are over that hurdle, you will be on the way to sharing files like you never thought possible.

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