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From the reader #27

February 1, 2017

“Relentlessly trimming what’s on offer, combined with a resolute willingness to say, ‘no,’ are two characteristics of great brands.”

A quick reminder that you can’t stand for everything.


The Melkwegbridge in the Dutch city of Purmerend caught my eye, separating people on bicycles and in wheelchairs from those who want a higher vantage point on foot.

“To conform to the angle of inclination requirements with regard to bicycle and wheelchair traffic, we needed a length of over 100m.”


Daniel Ward-Murphy of Salad Creative on how to write the perfect brief.

Daniel Ward MurphyDaniel Ward-Murphy.

Russell Davies is getting old in young industries, something that’ll happen to us all (unless things get cut short).

Thoughts on ethics, design, and discomfort, by designer Boon Sheridan.

David Burdeny’s aerial images of salterns are brilliant.

David Burdeny saltern photography

If you’re at a screen and have headphones handy, listen to the first London Grammar release since their 2013 debut album. Got a bit emotional there.

Previously: From the reader #26

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