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Effects of Changing Your Logo Design

April 26, 2016

You might have noticed that famous company logos evolve with time. You might also decide the same for your company as well. A change in the logo design might bring a lot of effects to your company. Whether or not they will be positive, you cannot tell before the new corporate identity design hits the audience. Therefore, you always have a risk before you can expect anything out of your new professional logo design. This is why if you are still a newbie, and are not standing solid yet, it might not be the right option for you.

Let’s first take a look at the positive effects of changing or redesigning your logo:

Firstly, a change in the business logo means that you are presenting a fresher image. Usually, the audience likes to see some modifications done to your brand identity. The audience might have been quite supportive when you did your first launch. Now, with time, you may feel as though they are tired. They might continue to buy your product, but you do not feel the enthusiasm. To boost the same enthusiasm in them, it is a good idea to wake them up through a revamped corporate identity design.

Redesigning or changing your logo also means that you are on a constant road to progress and this is why you chose to have a new face for your company. This boosts your position on your business portfolio, and attracts more buyers.

Many a times, there might be certain issues regarding the professional logo design. Many companies then choose to modify their company logos. This helps in maintaining the reputation you have, and also end the argument that might be heating up within the company.

Now, let’s take a glance at a few negative effects of revamping your logo design:

There is a chance that the customers will not like the new face of your company. You might have presented the new business logo design with the hope that it would be as successful as the one before. However, this might not always turn out to be true. This is when you have affected your brand image.

Too many changes might not be very helpful. This is because, as you keep changing the corporate identify design, you may lose the original brand identity you previously had. Similarly, because of frequent changes, customers might keep forgetting what your current logo may be.

With the change of the professional logo, all your previous business stationery might be wasted. This is because all of these items display your old business logo design, and now because you have redesigned it, these items are of no use.

Often, the customers who are linked with the logo may not adjust to the changes at once. For instance, because the logo design keeps changing frequently, any employee might print letterheads containing the previous logo by mistake. This can also affect your brand image and professionalism.

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