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East Sydney Early Learning Centre Signage by Toko“Toko…

December 12, 2016

East Sydney Early Learning Centre Signage by Toko

“Toko developed the playful signage system inspired by children’s building blocks used for improving gross motor skills and spatial awareness. Concept and material generate an effective system that is functional never rigid and/or contrived. Natural timbers, colours, typography and form compliment the geometric nature of the interior and it’s purpose. The fully modular timber signs (magnetic application) can be re-configured if required and are all unique in appearance. The primary colour pallet of vintage building blocks has not been adopted, instead a lighter more contemporary pallet has been developed.”

Design by Toko is a graphic design studio creating thoughtful and contemporary design solutions in the varied domain of commerce and culture. From concept and design to realisation, the studio offers a full creative service within branding, digital, spatial and print design. Since it’s inception in 2001, Design by Toko has worked on a wide range of projects in equally as many industries. Collaborating with clients who seek distinctive and innovative design solutions through creative lateral thinking, quality design and execution.

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