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Customer Experience In Telecom

April 4, 2014

Customer Experience in TelecomCustomer experience is the new buzzword as Telecom markets across the world get to be increasingly aggressive. Some telcos are taking solid steps to transform their mobile workforces into an effective and profitable competitive weapon to aim a stronger relationship with customers. Today’s trend is to prioritize customer experience measures within a wide IT transformation move.

Telecom companies are now seeking more amazing visibility into the execution of contractors installing and repairing equipment in homes, so it can better gauge customers’ satisfaction with those appointments. This is critical because a visit by a technical support staff could be the main personal contact the customer has with their telco for months. Instead of thinking of engineers in the field as a cost center, telcos need to see them as building a pipeline for new business. Technicians that are prompt, proficient and gracious will transform previously agnostic or antagonistic customers into advocates. Furthermore their employers’ can benefit market share.

Enhancing the accuracy of appointment scheduling and, subsequently, increasing the amount of on-time arrivals at customers’ homes, telcos ensure a massive improvement in their customer experience and ultimately construct lasting relationships with customers.

To add more flexibility, an on-premise workforce management solution which is cloud-based would be able to scale the global needs and meet goals for fast deployment. In a rapidly changing market, operational agility is now clearly a must for telcos.

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