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Carbon3D, by Moving Brands

May 5, 2016

Moving Brands designed a new identity for Carbon3D — a company with technology known as CLIP (continuous liquid interface production) that grows 3D parts instead of printing them layer by layer, like traditional 3D printing.

Carbon3D logo

At first I was unsure about the symbol, but after watching the animation (below), I’ll not be able to “un-see” the 3D monogram.

Carbon3D monogram

“The mark we created is a true testament to the power and innovation of CLIP. It is a bold, industrial icon inspired by the concept of fabricating with light. It is constructed by using light to convey the form of a three dimensional character ‘C’ — a representation of the carbon symbol.”

A solid, relevant design, with good use of negative space.

Carbon3D stationery

Carbon3D logo

More details on the Moving Brands website.

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