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Business VoIP Solutions – Select the Best Solution

April 17, 2017

The business houses that deals in outsourcing bids an adieu to traditional Public Switched Telephone Network for their daily communicating needs. The conventional PSTN communication system is based on heavily regulated network of circuit switched technique. This circuit switched network charges heavy on every call. Today, with an advent of IP telephony, business houses make long distance or international calls at minimum rates. Switching to VoIP solutions has become a logical alternative for many business and corporate houses that are looking for definite improvement in their profits.

The VoIP solution varies on the basis of type, size and operations of business. There are two types of business VoIP solutions i.e. call termination services and IP Centrex service. So, depending upon business solutions, voice over IP service varies from small, medium and large organisation to improve on the call productivity and cost efficiency. While availing call termination service, any business or corporate house can reduce monthly telephone expenditure by 50 % compared to traditional PSTN. Well, this is because business calls are terminated by using public internet or privately managed IP network. Thereby, it increases the profit margin of the business. The IP Centrex or Hosted Centrex service deals with virtual PBX replacement service. In the IP Centrix service, business house has to choose the service provider that offers PBX from their “host” soft switch at their POP over business’s existing broadband connection.

For making cheap calling through VoIP, user requires a computer, broadband connection, Analog Telephone Adaptor or ATA as well as latest VoIP services. This allows the user to make calling as normal using standard phone lines. While searching for the best VoIP business solution provider, user must look for features like voice quality, cost efficiency, network integration, functionality and security.

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