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Branding Your Business With T-Shirt Logos

April 26, 2016

With the economy in an uproar, it really is “every man for himself” in the business world, and one way that your company can compete more effectively is through effective branding with t-shirt logos. For years, many companies have found that their customers love t-shirts, and by providing them with a comfortable, durable, and attractive t-shirt at no cost, they not only make a good impression to would-be customers and clients, but they can also obtain free advertising to a huge audience when the t-shirt is worn.

T-Shirt Logos Greatly Enhance Your Brand Recognition

You may be doing tons of advertising, perhaps print ads or other media. You may have some promotional items already in place as well. However, there is no greater promotional opportunity than having a t-shirt personalized with your business’ contact information, slogan, logo, motto, address, telephone number, web site, or URL – all in an easy to read format. T-shirts with these personal logo designs are a great way to increase the recognition of your brand or business with very little effort on your part, other than designing, ordering, and then distributing the promotional item. The recipient of the t-shirt does the rest – just by wearing it.

Designing Your T-Shirt Logos to Provide the Most Branding Benefits

It is important to consider current trends when designing your company’s promotional t-shirts. The most popular color choices for promotional t-shirts are black, white, and red. These colors go well with what most folks choose to wear with a t-shirt: jeans. When choosing the color of your t-shirt, you should also take into consideration the target audience that will be wearing it. If you are catering to an all-female crowd, you would obviously lean towards more feminine colors, or you can always designs a non-gender specific t-shirt that is made in colors that either man or woman would enjoy. The design of your t-shirt can be as complex or simple as you choose. You can also choose to have your company t-shirt designed on both the front and back (which gives the most opportunity for others to see your company name and contact information).

Costs of T-Shirt Logos for Your Business

Over the years, the cost of t-shirts that are personalized as promotional items has been greatly reduced. There are now options to order these shirts in bulk, and most of the companies producing these types of items will allow you to get a variety of sizes with each order, which is great for reaching the most customers. Most t-shirt logos on personalized t-shirts for your company only get cheaper when the number ordered increases, which makes this a great option when choosing what type of items you want to use to brand your company and give to potential customers and clients.

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