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Branding & Packaging for Tesis by Anagrama“Inspired mainly…

January 18, 2017

Branding & Packaging for Tesis by Anagrama

“Inspired mainly on the Japanese Art, our branding proposal utilizes water and ink stains representing the complexness and lightness of tea mixtures. In the same way, vertical typographic arrangements based on traditional Japanese reading are employed, obtaining a balance between the compounding of classic and modern typographical styles. The color palette focuses on natural tones with red color accenting details and gold foil rendering elegance and the importance of the care for each product.”

Anagrama is an international branding, architecture and software development firm with offices in Monterrey and Mexico City. They create the perfect balance between a design boutique and a business consultancy, from focusing on the development of creative pieces with the up most attention to details, to providing perfect solutions based on the analysis of tangible data. 

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