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Branding for Papersmiths by Studio B“Papersmiths is a…

January 13, 2017

Branding for Papersmiths by Studio B

“Papersmiths is a contemporary stationery and book store set up in 2013 by the founders of Studio B, Kyle Clarke and Sidonie Warren. Originally located in the same room as the studio, and literally called Something Else, both store and studio relocated to Clifton Village in October 2015.This provided an opportunity for a rebrand. We created a fun and sophisticated identity, store interior, ecommerce store and product photography which would reflect our sense of expertise in stationery with an emphasis on fun.”

Studio B is a collective force of thinkers, tinkerers, designers and friends. The centre of their existence is evolving their clients’ business. They deliver outstanding results to ensure that business both blooms and booms. Their specialty lies in branding and commercial interior design, but they also work on digital, retail, hospitality, signage, way-finding and packaging design.

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