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Atomic streamlines integration for Sketch users

July 13, 2016

Launched this week, Atomic’s new plugin for Sketch is a free addition that streamlines artwork transfer between the two for a much accelerated workflow.

Atomic is one of the most popular examples of the new breed of design app, focused not on how design looks, but on how design behaves. Launched last Summer it’s a favored tool of many designers who shun the omnipresence of Adobe’s Creative Cloud, and aren’t convinced by the traditional approach Serif’s Affinity suite; if you’re using Sketch for UI design, you’re probably using Atomic for prototyping.

The philosophical connection between the two apps has been there from the start, but until now—because they’re made by different software companies—the best way to get artwork out of Sketch and into Atomic was by copy and paste. Hardly a slick process.

Atomic’s new Sketch plugin links the apps like never before. Design your layouts in Sketch, then bring your prototypes into Atomic via the new export options. When exporting you have the option of transferring a single flattened image, a series of flattened artboards, or a series of layered artboards.