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5 Tips to Successful Sticker Marketing Campaign

December 13, 2017

Sticker marketing is perhaps one of the most cost-effective guerrilla marketing tactics you can employ for your brand. Due to their nature, stickers add a little flair to your marketing initiatives, they allow the recipient to partake in the branding process with you. However, in order to do this, you must properly employ the correct strategy that will reach your target demographic.

Design – Be sure that the design of your sticker is not simply your logo, but instead something fun. This will motivate the recipient to hold on to your sticker and pass it around. Or even better, stick it on things that they come in contact with everyday.

Element of Mystery – Create some interest in your sticker by having it be mysterious. Don’t include heavy marketing jargon, but instead have the whole sticker revolve around an idea or symbol. To include contact information, simply include your web site or Facebook and twitter names. More mystery will motivate them to seek out your brand.

Die Cut – Be sure that the sticker you print is a die cut shape. Try and veer away from the traditional circles and squares and have the shape revolve around the design of the sticker. This will make it more keep-worthy and also more playful.

Colorful – Make sure that your sticker is as colorful as possible. This will help in getting your sticker to stand out from your competitors. By standing out from your competitors, you can easily create brand differentiation. This will help in not only creating interest but will also set the foundation for brand credibility.

Creative Copy – If your sticker incorporates copy, then you should try to include creative copy that is not only thought provoking, but also includes a call to action. By doing this, your recipient is more likely to engage and seek out more information about your company.

Sticker marketing is only as successful as you make it. So look to your competitors for inspiration, and also seek out what designs you like.

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