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5 Mistakes Explainer Video Companies Make & How To Avoid Them

October 23, 2016

Explainer videos are a killer way to get information out there. Getting all that awesome information out in an effective, colorful way is a wonderful method of increasing brand authority and gathering online traffic. However, a video that’s too long, fuzzy, or boring are pretty common mistakes. Here’s our least favorite errors and some of the simple fixes that will give your video a boost.

Not Clear

There is a ton of information to throw at your audience, but if the design is fuzzy, or there’s a terrible voice over, or if it just doesn’t flow, users leave.

A clear, direct lay-out of your video will help you move your video along, entice users to come on site, and will show off the amazing problem solving capabilities of your wonderful product and services. A clear, direct design presented with a clear, direct voice-over will give your brand authority and voice that gets listened to. A great example is this video, which hits all the main points of a super complicated law, brings people onsite, and offers valuable information to users (which is some of the most interacted with content)..