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22 Stunning Shopify Themes for eCommerce Store

November 28, 2016

Shopify is an ecommerce platform for online sellers. It provides a customizable interface with hundreds of different themes available around the web, and can be tailored to the needs of any style of online store and type of product. Easy to use and versatile, the platform caters to a wide range of businesses from small fledglings to large companies. Here’s 22 stunning themes you can use when building an online store with Shopify.

“Colors” has an easy layout and an eye-catching color scheme. It is perfect for stores with a simple, targeted range, and a well-known demographic.



This theme lets your products speak for you by making them the center of attention. Amaze customers with you photographs and product range.

Attractive boxes and a familiar menu structure are the main draw points of the Pacific theme. The layout pleases the eyes, and lets you combine images and text in a simplistic, effective way.

The Sugar theme combines the modern visuals of a slider with the classics of a menu on the left and grid-style presentation. Familiar design with a tweak.



Minimalists rejoice—this theme caters to sellers who don’t want any of the bells and whistles. The customer becomes the focus within their experience.

Photographs, art or something entirely different. Mosaic can set up your products side by side, making them accessible and presentable. Your pictures will be the focus of your business.

Focal lives up to its name. The main banner and the slightly shifted featured images contribute to a delightful, pleasant layout that leads customers to the products they are looking for.



Aimed at fine detail and with precision in mind, Jewelry gives you the opportunity to showcase your best work in a customer-friendly setting. Both text and images are incorporated, and you can use the combination of both to present your products.

This theme lets you set up your products in a classic fashion while incorporating a slider at the top, which appeals to a wide target audience.

Zhigan is elegancy and sharp lines, and if that coheres with the message you want your products to convey, it will be a perfect match for your online store.



Caviar is as sophisticated as its namesake, and lets you present your business in a professional, accessible manner.

Diamond puts a featured image right at center of attention, and doesn’t let the menu distract from what you’re selling.

Slider and top-menu create a store that’s swiftly navigated, and ensures that customers will be familiarized with your business and your products.



Contact info and menu are clearly visible, making your store trustworthy and attractive to a wide range of customers.

Big text, big images—that’s how MMA is planning to get your business the maximum amount of attention.

Elegant and with a modern streak, Coffee House offers the best of the new for businesses with a young spirit.



This theme lets your customers see a slider as their introduction to your brand—then leads them to the products they seek.

Simple, yet modern and young. Colors and shapes are coordinated, and the layout leads customers to where they want to go.

Mobilia has an emphasis on descriptions and encourages customers to learn more about your products.



Pet Shop plays on bright, coordinated colors and a simple menu system to grab the attention of visitors.

Business Card is description and contact and connects with customers as soon as they enter the website.

Tennis doesn’t waste space—effective menu and contact info at the top complement background image and feature.

Choosing the right theme for your Shopify store is critical to how it’s perceived by customers, and can enhance your business’ image greatly. Modern or classic, simple or full of tweaks, colorful or monochrome—there’s something for every Shopify store.


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