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20 Of The Best WooCommerce Themes for 2015

January 21, 2016

WooCommerce is an extremely popular eCommerce platform, despite being just a plugin for WordPress. Why? First of all, it’s a plugin for WordPress, and not just for any other CMS. So, if you know WordPress, you know WooCommerce. It inherits WordPress’ ease of use, extendibility and an incredible number of third party plugins – both free and premium.

Another peculiarity of WooCommerce is the ability to publish affiliate and external products out of the box. When using other eCommerce solutions, you have to purchase a separate extension or hire a professional developer to enable this function.
If you are stuck at the stage of choosing a design for your WooCommerce store, we are here to help you. We have prepared a roundup of 20 of the best WooCommerce themes designed by professional theme suppliers. You cannot go wrong by choosing one of them as a design for your future store.


1. Monstroid


We couldn’t omit this multipurpose theme when talking about WooCoomerce. Monstroid is like quicksilver among WordPress themes: it can take any shape thanks to its awesome customization abilities. The core Monstroid child theme is integrated with WooCommerce out of the box, but there are also dozens of additional child themes that are also compatible with WooCommerce. Additionally, it comes with several premium WooCommerce-oriented plugins that significantly improve its functionality.

Live Demo | More info


2. Sunglasses


This clean and sleek website has been designed for WooCommerce stores selling eyeglasses and other accessories. Its design is based mostly on marine-blue elements with a few red call-to-action labels and buttons as a contrast. According to many color psychology studies, a blue palette denotes confidence, trust and intelligence – qualities that are definitely not the least important when it comes to online shopping. Combined with a white background, it forms a customizable design that can be applied to a store covering just about any topic.

Live Demo | More info


3. Men’s Fashion


Men’s fashion stores require a slightly different design approach, as their customers have a different approach to shopping. That’s why this WooCommerce theme has been designed specifically for a male audience. It is formal and straightforward, yet effective in terms of usability. But it doesn’t mean that this theme has no visual enhancements at all. Here you will see some of the newest web design trends: dedicated areas with video backgrounds, parallax scrolling effect and bold typography.

Live Demo | More info


4. Watches Online Store


If you profess to follow a ‘product-first’ approach in eCommerce design, pay attention to this minimalist fashion, modern looking WooCommerce theme. The smooth palette of this theme will favorably emphasize product photos, and its boxed layout focuses your customers’ attention on the content. It comes with an integrated Olark Live Chat module that lets you organize customer support easily.

Live Demo | More info


5. SW Papa


This theme comes in fill-width and boxed layouts, and 6 different color schemes. Its visual key feature is hexagonal shapes used in buttons, menu items, and other design elements. This theme includes several CSS effects that are important for eCommerce – for example, dynamic image changing on mouse hover. This trick allows you to present a product from different angles or in different colors without reloading a page or even clicking elsewhere.

Live Demo | More info


6. T-Shirt Online Store


Looking for a simple but beautiful theme to sell clothes? Take a look at this WooCommerce theme for T-shirt online stores. It has been designed with the latest trends in mind. Here are large hero images with a slider, parallax areas and huge animated feature icons aimed at attracting attention. Image previews have built-in star reviews that will help your customers with making a choice.

Live Demo | More info


7. Handmade Jewelry


This elegant WooCommerce theme with a spectacular dynamic slider is intended for jewelry and accessory stores. It has a centered logo area typical of large brands. Although not a major factor, it will positively influence the credibility of your store. This theme features a simple dropdown menu and bright pseudo-3D product labels. The product page comes with social sharing buttons for better visibility of your store in social networks.

Live Demo | More info


8. Matty


Matty is a multipurpose WordPress theme with WooCommerce integration. This means that you can use it as a regular theme to power your blog or business website. If you want to use its eCommerce capabilities, just pick ‘shop’ as your homepage in the WordPress dashboard. The store design is quite simple, but not artless: subtle shadows outline the product previews in order to make them more noticeable.

Live Demo | More info


9. Storefront


Storefront is the most impactful ‘WooCommerce’ theme ever. Basically that’s because it has been developed by WooThemes specifically as a supplement for this renowned eCommerce plugin. Storefront is based on the Underlines – a core theme for WordPress developers – so it is as close to the roots of all WordPress themes, as possible. This makes it extremely flexible and customizable. Many beginner WooCommerce users have started with Storefront and have been satisfied with it.

Live Demo | More info


10. Make


Welcome Sentient – an all-purpose WordPress theme by WooThemes. It utilizes the ultramodern card design trend along with the masonry grid layout with various sizes of tiles. Product previews expand on mouse hover, revealing the product description. You can use several colored product labels to mark special products such as ‘new’, ‘sale’, and ‘bestseller’. This theme comes with two shortcodes that allow you to place custom text blocks on your pages: Sticky Note and Announcement.

Live Demo | More info


11. DW Brickstore


This image-driven WooCommerce theme has been tailored specifically for online fashion shops. Take a closer look at its header – and you will notice a minimalist hamburger button that reveals a pullout left sidebar menu. It saves you a lot of space that can be used for other purposes without harming the navigation. The tiled layout looks incredibly stylish. And, what’s more important, it allows you to use this theme for many kinds of online stores, regardless of their topic.

Live Demo | More info


12. Galleria


Galleria is another WooCommerce design by WooThemes based on one of their parent themes (Storefront, to be precise). And since Storefront is free, and Galleria costs only $39, it may be considered a very beneficial offer. But what’s under the hood? As with Storefront, Galleria is very minimalist and content-centered. What makes it different from its parent theme is that the preview images are considerably larger, making it more convenient for use with clothing stores. The typography has been improved too. In all other respects it is the same Storefront, but it is definitely worth its price.

Live Demo | More info


13. Artificer


Because of its unusual design, Artificer has been featured in a large number of free WooCommerce theme roundups. It is built on WooFramework, though it is independent, and not a child theme. Artificer is one of the few themes that don’t need flat design to look beautiful. All its elements – textures, buttons, and post backgrounds – are organically united into one solid design. Artificer may look a bit old-fashioned, but it is worthy of being mentioned in this article.

Live Demo | More info


14. Flatshop


Actually, we have no idea why this WooCommerce theme is called ‘FlatShop’. Yes, most of its design elements are flat, but its key visual feature is the usage of image clusters – a series of large image blocks are attached to each other without borders. This series starts with the hero image in the header and ends near the footer. Thanks to this type of layout the theme looks very picturesque.

Live Demo | More info


15. Elite


Elite is another WooCommerce-oriented WordPress theme worthy of your attention. Its Shop page is pretty common for eCommerce stores – it is clean, ergonomic and intuitive. But the product page is very well optimized and enhanced with additional functions. Thanks to several blocks with similar products, it provides rich possibilities for cross-selling, improving SEO at the same time. The page also includes a Facebook widget and a series of stylish social icons.

Live Demo | More info


16. Store


Store is an awesome multipurpose WooCommerce theme with its product page optimized for conversion. It is a general-purpose design with the ability to become a full-featured online store. It has a sticky dynamic menu. It is always at the top of the screen, but some of its purely visual elements (e.g. the logo) become smaller during scrolling down to save screen space for the main content. The theme features a wide choice of pre-designed social icons.

Live Demo | More info


17. Gear


Gear is an extremely stylish fashion WooCommerce theme relying on formal shapes and smooth CSS effects and background photos. The whole décor of the theme is reduced to a couple of banner frames, and, in the case of Gear, it’s a smart decision. Transparent ghost buttons make it look even cleaner and lighter. This theme is supposed to be used for online stores selling exclusive branded clothing, should you wish to unlock its potential.

Live Demo | More info


18. The Polygon


The Polygon will reveal all of its features when selling digital goods, video games and similar products. It has a very functional sidebar menu with category icons, where you can accommodate as many product categories as you want. The layout is very complex – it allows you to place countless product previews of different sizes, banners, blog previews and video, and arrange them by categories. Although dark designs are not as popular as several years ago, they are still a perfect fit for video game stores.

Live Demo | More info


19. Panarea

Panarea is a WooCommerce WordPress restaurant theme that comes in free and premium variations. The premium one includes Visual Composer – a drag and drop page builder worth $33; dynamic Ajax-powered search, additional pre-made page layouts, parallax slider, 300 shortcodes, alternative header and many other features.

The free version will be adequate for smaller stores, while Panarea Premium is a more professional solution. The layout of Panarea is very clean, and the customization options are really impressive.

Live Demo | More info


20. Ultra


Ultra is one of the most customizable WordPress themes with native WooCommerce support on the market. It comes with a huge number of pre-made designs for business, portfolios, blogs and eCommerce stores. Page layouts can be changed independently, so there are even more layout variations. This theme uses lazy load effect that loads new shop items as you scroll down the page, thus making it easier to browse your store for visitors with slow Internet connection.

Live Demo | More info


As you can see, WooCommerce is multi-faceted and easy to use. And what’s more important, it supports thousands of custom designs. You can choose any of them, install WordPress and WooCommerce and start selling your wares in no time.

Which of the designs presented above did you like most? Tell us in the comments.

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