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10 Reasons Why Minimalist Label Design is So EffectiveMinimalist…

January 9, 2018

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10 Reasons Why Minimalist Label Design is So Effective

10 Reasons Why Minimalist Label Design is So Effective

10 Reasons Why Minimalist Label Design is So Effective

Minimalist label design has become very popular in recent years. With so many product manufacturers opting for label designers that are very elaborate, there has been a trend towards a more simple aesthetic.

All types of products from snacks and juices to beauty products such as skin creams have started to make use of more minimalist label design.

Below are 10 reasons why minimalist label design is so effective.

1. Creates trust with consumers

One of the key purposes of a product label is to build brand loyalty with consumers. A key part of doing this is building trust. This means having a great product most fundamentally but potential customers cannot know how good your product is before they’ve tried it. This is where a good minimalist label design comes in.

A minimalist label conveys that the product manufacturer has confidence in their product and are happy to let it speak for itself rather than using lots of flashy design elements. This in turn creates trust with consumers and makes them more likely to purchase the product.

2. Easily highlight the USP of the product

Another reason why minimalist product design can be so effective is that it makes it much easier to push the USP of the product. When a label contains a lot of information, it’s easier for important information to get lost amongst the other elements.

With a minimalist label you can easily draw the eyes of consumers to the most important pieces of information you want to convey. The USP is often the most important piece of information that will sway peoples’ purchasing decisions so this is an enormous advantage of using a minimalist label design.

3. Color choices become more prominent

One of the first things that stand out with any minimalist product label is the colours used. Color choices are always key with any product label but especially so with minimalist labels since there aren’t typically a lot of other design elements to distract from them.

A great example of this is the Innocent range of fruit and vegetable drinks, as pictured below. The color combinations used for each bottle are extremely simple, with the label itself matching the color of the juice and the majority of text elements in white. This is particularly effective for this type of product where the color of the juices themselves are very bold and visually striking.

4. Make great use of white space

Very often minimalist labels will have white as their most prominent color; with the most important visual elements simply placed over a white background. This enables you to make very creative use of white space that wouldn’t otherwise be possible with a more complicated design.

5. Reflect the values of the brand

Environmental responsibility and other ethical concerns are becoming something that more and more product manufacturers want to show their customers they care about. Minimalist label design enables this is be accomplished very well, whether it’s through the use of recyclable materials for the packaging itself or by clearly stating the brand values through text on the label.

Take the packaging design for one of Sap’s juice drinks below. As you can see the company manufactures 100% raw and organic juice. The simplicity of the ingredients is very effectively conveyed through the simple yet effective label design.

6. Draw attention to the materials used

There are many great label printing companies out there who offer a range of materials to be printed on. This means that as a designer you have the ability to convey a particular message or create the right aesthetic you’re looking for through the use of the packaging materials themselves.

7. Puts the focus back on the product

As important as good label design is, it can be that some product labels distract more than they do effectively sell the product. The great thing about minimalist labels is that they keep the focus on the product itself. By reducing the design elements down to a minimum it also avoids the problem of consumers thinking the product is being oversold.

Often minimalist labels will have transparent elements or be completely transparent, especially food and drink products, and only put minimal information about the product so as not to distract from it with the design.

8. Convey a unique idea through the design

The Bee There Honey label design by AIDA PIONEER Branding & Creative is a great example of this.

The different patterns used as the main design might appear random at first but there’s actually a lot of thought behind them. The squiggle patterns used on the jars are in fact based on the way that honeybees communicate with each other to show where the nearest food source is.

By varying the angle and frequency of the lines, it helps to create distinction between each of the types of honey in this range as well as conveying something incredibly unique and interesting about the product itself.

This design also does a great job of distinguishing the product from rivals by avoiding the use of cliché imagery that’s often used for honey packaging, such as obvious illustrations of bees or a beehive. This idea wouldn’t work nearly as well on a more busy label design.

9. Minimizes distractions

As effective as minimalist label design can be, there are still plenty of products out there that have very cluttered labels that contain masses of information and a lot of different visual elements. This might be eye-catching but it can also be very distracting, particularly if the aim is to push one particular thing i.e. a USP.

10. Visually appealing & modern

If the product manufacturer wants a modern aesthetic for their product then a minimalist design is a great way to achieve this. By reducing the visual elements and keeping everything simple, you create a very visually appealing design too, providing of course your other design choices such as the use of typography and colors are strong.

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