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10 Hacks to Get your Visitors Glued to Your Website

September 8, 2016

Visitors today have very little patience. If they don’t find something interesting right away, they are likely to abandon ship. This is exactly what happens with websites if you don’t adjust to reduce bounce rate.

Today, a good bounce rate (that is the number of visitors who stumble upon a single page on the website and then abandon) usually falls in between 30-50 percent. This is a huge chunk of website visitors and not retaining them is a huge loss. Know that they also present a percentage of prospects, ones that can become your customers later. So yes, it is an opportunity knocking at your door.

But how can you win over and convert them? With a few tweaks in the user experience and overall web design, you can keep those visitors on your page for longer.

Here are 10 hacks that can help you reduce bounce rate, staring today:

  1.       Declutter the design

If your website is still packed with flashy animations, that means you are living in 1995. So get out of the past and say no to overwhelming design features that are making your web page look cluttered. Sometimes this clutter turns off visitors the most as they wait for the images to load, the sliders to change and other flashy elements haunt them. Remember that 15 seconds is all you have to convince first-time visitors into staying. So declutter your design, make it simple and make those 15 seconds count!

  1.       About those fonts

Sometimes a font size also impacts the stickiness of your website. If it’s too miniature and is giving the reader a tough time, they are likely to click away. So instead of impairing their readability, give them 14 to 16 pixels for body copy and they will be more than happy to read it through. Another mistake with regards to font is using more than just two on the website. Cut them down to create a more contemporary look and reduce bounce rate.

  1.       Visual breaks are necessary

Applying visual breaks to your content could be a blessing in disguise for improved readability. Include headings, sub-headings, bullets and numbered lists to break down your content into small chunks that are easily digestible.

  1.       Keep it people-oriented

In order to add a human touch to your website, add people-centric images on your homepage. Get creative and hire a photographer to capture shots of actual smiling faces. Don’t use stock images that have been used for over a million times over the Internet.

  1.       Improve on image quality

When you use images, inserting high quality images is a must. This is because such images are more pleasant to look at. Spend a little on a good photographer and customize images in accordance with the nature of your work to create a relevant connection. You can even do a little experiment, A/B testing of your website with and without good quality images to see for yourself which will reduce bounce rate.

  1.       Add statistics where you can

When you add statistics to your website, people begin to trust it more. Just beef up your site’s content with a couple statistics and you will reduce bounce rate in no time.

  1.       Ask questions

Leave comment-provoking questions to reduce bounce rate. Sometimes these questions drive the visitors into leaving a comment or redirects them to a different page. This way you successfully trigger them towards multiple page views.

  1.       Include links where necessary

Sometimes there is information on the page that the visitors need answers to. In the hunt for answers to those queries, they move away from the landing page and perhaps never return. What a loss! However, you can definitely overcome this loss by putting in internal links that explain complex terms or provide references for double-checking any statistics so that the would-be bouncers stick around longer.

  1.       External links to be opened in new windows

If you let the visitor open an external link on the same page, you move them away from your site yourself – that’s a whopper right there! Avoid adopting that counterproductive approach and set all the external links to be opened in new windows.

  1.   Storytime

Give them a story to believe in and they are yours. This is perhaps the oldest of all the tricks in the book of marketing. Telling a story connects people and it differentiates you from your competitors as you create a hook that is so intriguing that the visitor is holding on to the story. The only condition is not to give them a run-of-the-mill story. Pen down something that is unique to your business/brand and instantly grabs their attention.

Remember, nothing is more important than making sure you better your web design and deliver the best UX. Things that may work best for another brand may not deliver the same astonishing results for you. So conduct A/B testing, make notes and see which ones are more promising than the others and work harder on them.

Retaining visitors while you reduce bounce rate is the first step towards conversions. Get that right and the rest will be a piece of cake. Good luck!

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